Local bread for the local community.


Two Fold Bakehouse is a home bakery in Daylesford that bakes for its farmers, millers, and local community.


Our bread is about much more than bread. Our bread is farmers in wheat fields and under fruit trees, it’s millers milling and flour bags filling, it’s bakers crafting loaves that nourish, and it’s the local community that gather and grow.

We bake naturally leavened, organic loaves, using organic stoneground flours, and work with the seasons; changing our loaves to suit what’s growing around us. We support regenerative agriculture and small family farms, who together form a part of a movement towards a local grain economy.


 Where can you buy our bread?

We bake every Thursday for our bread family of subscribers (CSB) and Saturday for the Daylesford Sunday Railway Farmers Market, 9am - 1pm.

What is a CSB (Community Supported Bakery)?

Our Thursday bake is a CSB bake, meaning it is a prepaid subscription. As a subscriber, you are joining our bread family of farmers, millers and bakers who work to regenerate the land. Your support means we can bake to order, with no bread going to waste, and continue to support the small family farms who grow and mill our flour.

Subscription is to a term of once weekly sourdough bread that is available for pick up from a depot in Daylesford. Each week you will receive a box of seasonal bakers choice goodies; from biscuits to muesli, to crackers, occasional pastries and of course bread!

The next bread box subscription begins Term 4, Thursday October 10th. Go to our shop, or click the ‘subscribe’ link below to place your order.


Join our CSB bread family this term.